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Superbonder is the genesis! 

Unlike any other glue accelerator or “bonder,” Superbonder’s research-based formula contains less than 0.01% alcohol. 

As a result, this little bottle is the safest & most helpful handyman for every lash artist for the following reasons:

- Superbonder increases lash retention by up to 30% 

- Superbonder reduces irritation for you & your customers 

- Superbonder cures any lash adhesive in just 3 minutes

Most lash artists know about cyanoacrylate, the active ingredient in most lash adhesives. It's super effective for creating extensions with long-lasting retention. But unfortunately, the toxic fumes are irritating and harmful for both lash artists and their clients, and prolonged exposure to cyanoacrylate eventually causes many individuals to develop an allergy.Cyanoacrylate cures in the presence of moisture. The humidity in the air cures the adhesive from the outside in, which means the innermost layer takes the longest to harden — up to 24 hours.With traditional water curing methods, curing starts from the outer layer, which means that humidity is still trapped within the adhesive. Many lash artists don't realize this leaves the adhesive surface porous, so a small amount of fumes are emitted long after curing has been completed.Superbonder is formulated to work the opposite way: it immediately mixes with cyanoacrylate and begins curing from the inside outward. All moisture is pushed to the surface, causing the adhesive bonding point to shrink and hug the natural lash tighter, boosting retention by up to 30%!Video: Superbonder curing vs Water CuringSuperbonder also works to seal the adhesive surface of the glue, so vapors are trapped inside rather than being allowed to leak out continuously, as with traditional water curing. As a result, clients can enjoy their new extensions with clear, bright eyes instead of burning, watery red ones — and any risk of developing an allergy to cyanoacrylate is significantly reduced!Another significant benefit of Superbonder is that the increased elasticity of the formula means that lashes retain more natural movement and are more resistant to breakage.

- After you have attached the set's final lash extension, wait 2 minutes.

- Apply two drops of Superbonder onto a microfiber brush (no need to soak).

- Now thoroughly sweep the brush across the adhesive bonding points of the lashes on both the top and bottom.

- Wait 3 minutes for Superbonder to dry, and you're done!

- No need to use a nano mister or nebulizer.

- One (1) 15ml bottle contains approximately 150-200 treatments- Use within one year of opening- Cruelty-free & vegan- Manufactured in the EU by EU regulations

Aqua, Sodium Chloride, Ethyl Methacrylate, Ci 19140, Ci 42090, Parfum, Benzyl Alcohol (less than 0.01%!), Hexyl Cinnamal, Linalool

Strictly for professional use only 

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