Classic Lash Tray 0.15 L, LD+ & M Curl

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While L Curl is known for not being its most popular, it is regaining traction and becoming a lot of lash artists go-to. 

We decided to carry a consistent range, tested until we were completely happy with the quality & curls. I have been sitting on some test trays for over 15 months now and I can assure you - they hold their curl!! 

This fresh shipment delivers market range and option for you as a lash artist like we've never seen before.

These lashes give clients a stunning lift especially if the clients have straight or downwards turning natural lashes and also great for clients with hooded eyes or monolids, to make the lashes more prominent when their eyes are opened fully. 

L curls are also amazing for the perfect cat eyes!

Get a tray or 2 today and give them a whirl

For Professional Use Only

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